Katy Perry praised for her role in “Raising Hope”

Entertainment Weekly:

First, you have to giver her props for going ugly . And it should be said: Perry did a rather smashing job bringing Rikki to life, so much so that it was easy to forget who was playing the role. Which is, in acting terms: success!

New York Post

You have to be funny to make that work — or you end up looking like you’re in a send up of “Women in Chains.” And Perry makes it work because she’s funny. Who knew?

Turns out pretty girl Perry is a natural comedian — sort of like the love child of Lucille Ball and Zooey Deschanel.


Katy Perry made her highly anticipated guest starring stint on ‘Raising Hope’ tonight (March 6) and we have to hand it to her: she was hilarious! Perry clearly had fun with the role, and she disappeared into it completely. She was hysterical to boot! If she can transform like this, a role in the Paul Potts biopic isn’t hard to fathom at all.


Her role was a small one — as was her role as Honey in "How I Met Your Mother" — but Perry proved her comedy acting chops and that she’s not afraid to ditch her typical hot-girl looks in the name of a laugh… Though another episode of “Raising Hope” may not be likely for Perry’s character, here’s hoping Perry throws her hat in the acting ring again soon.


Katy was genuinely funny as Sabrina’s psychotic prison guard Rikki. Kudos to Perry for being so willing to go all the way for her role, sporting a ridiculous hair-do and a gross mustache. She was completely unrecognizable! For how much FOX hyped up her guest appearance, you’d think that she would actually look something like the recognizable singing sensation.

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